Daniel Aubry bought his first house almost fifty years ago while still a film student at UCLA. It was at an estate sale and the owner had died in the house. Would be buyers were put off by that.  

Daniel saw beyond that and purchased the house at a steep discount to its market value. Today, he brings that same eye for value to his role as a licensed broker in the Beacon N.Y. area. Whether he’s working with buyers, sellers, or investors he’s always trying to create a win win situation for both sides of the transaction. 

“I typically bring a bottle of bubbly to a closing, and as soon as the ink is dry, I propose a toast to to all who brought the deal to a happy conclusion. To me that’s even more satisfying than getting the commission check!”

As a result of this even handed approach, Daniel Aubry is often called upon to serve as a dual agent, representing both buyer and seller. It’s a role which requires great  impartiality in order to gain and retain the trust of both parties.

Over the course of his five decades in the industry, Daniel has touched on just about every aspect of real estate. “I’ve been the head of sales for a resort development in Spain. I’ve been a developer, and throughout I’ve always been an investor.” he recounts. 

For the past 15 years, Daniel has parlayed that extensive experience into building a full-service brokerage that helps clients with everything from studio rentals to buying multi million dollar commercial properties. Additionally, as a longtime Beacon resident, he also offers unique insight into real estate markets throughout the mid Hudson Valley—from Beacon to Newburgh to Garrison, to Cold Spring—as well as New York City, which is where he spends half of every week. 

Daniel’s passion for real estate stems from his belief that owning property has a truly beneficial effect on people’s lives. “Life is both short and ephemeral.” says Daniel,  “Owning property  is literally “grounding” And passing it on the next generation is the closest we’re likely to get on this earth to a modest form of immortality!”